Create a connection to CCH iFirm

HowNow Online can be connected to CCH iFirm to pull in Client information.

Note: To complete this set up you will need your HowNow API key from CCH IFirm. The HowNow API key is the same used for connecting HowNow Server to CCH iFirm, should you already have this. If you need help in obtaining this please call our support team on 1300 333 424.

Login to the HowNow Online website - as an Administrator for the Firm.

Once logged in click on the Welcome Back drop down in the top right of the page, and select Administration as shown below:

From the Administration page select the Connections option:

On the next screen click the Create New Connection button, choose the CCH iFirm logo from the available connections.

Click the Install Now button.

Enter your Firm's API details and test the connection. The Clients will start loading into HowNow Online and may take some time.

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