How do I change the default PDF program?

If your PDF files are opening in a different program, the steps below explain how to change the program.  We recommend that you ask your IT department to complete the process as changes have to be made to the Registry Editor.

  1. Search “regedit” within Windows
  3. Scroll down the list and find the correct program name – e.g. NitroPDF.Document.9
  4. Once found, expand the folder to make sure the following exists – Shell > Open > Command
  5. If it does, you need to copy the program name (see example 1 attachment)
  6. Find the extension .PDF and click on it
  7. Double click on “Default” and paste the program name in the “Data” field (see example 2 attachment). For example It should say NitroPDF.Document.9
  8. Press “OK”

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