Document Signing Overview

As at July 2017, there are two methods for signing within the portal, we currently have two different products being used for signing. 

The two products are Adobe Sign and Group Docs. Adobe Sign is a recent addition to the portal and Group Docs is the signing program that has been used in the portal since the beginning. Business Fitness will be disabling Group Docs and moving to Adobe Sign, however due to the portal being connected to different versions of HowNow, the two will remain in operation for the present time. Adobe Sign is a more convenient system fur users. There is no sign-in to the Portal required, no pin required, and Adobe Sign has greater support for the various versions of PDF files that are being used.

The standalone portal can have Adobe Sign turned on now - this is done by a feature flag in the Portal, which can be changed by the Business Fitness support team. This also applies to clients connected to the portal in HowNow Online.

For clients using the Portal connected to HowNow On Premise, you will be required to upgrade to HowNow 5 to access Adobe Sign, and once you are on HowNow 5 you will be required to use Adobe Sign. Clients on HowNow 4.2 will continue to use the current method of signing (GroupDocs) until moving to HowNow 5.

Your firm will be setup with either GroupDocs or AdobeSign. For each product there are two methods.

  • GroupDocs - Click to Sign/Adobe - Simple Sign - this option means that the client signs the whole document in one place, there are no signatures throughout the document
  • GroupDocs - SecureSign/Adobe - Advanced Signing - with this option you can add signature and date and text fields throughout the document in the desired location. The client then signs in each of these areas.

These are handled slightly differently in Adobe Sign and GroupDocs.

See the individual help pages for information on each of the systems.

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