Uploading Documents to the Portal

Documents can be uploaded to the portal by using the Upload button and selecting files, or by Drag & Drop.

Drag & Drop: you can drag and drop a file onto the website and the document will be added in the same method as uploading - again if the filter is selected prior to dragging the file across, it will be added to that filter. When dragging a file to the portal, you will see this screen - drop the file when that screen appears. After adding the file, you will see the progress for the uploads in the bottom right hand corner of the portal page.

Upload: Upload a file into the documents section - if you click on one of the filters prior to uploading, the document will be attached to that filter. If you have not selected a filter, the document will be unassigned. 

From the Clients tab select the client and click on View Documents

Using the 'Drag and Drop' method:

Open Windows Explorer, select the document, and drag it over the Documents grid until you see the round 'Incoming' graphic.

Using the 'Upload' method:

Click on the Upload button to open Windows Explorer. Select the documents and click Open. The documents will upload to the Portal.

An Uploads popup will display to confirm the success or failure of your Upload.

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