Adding Clients (Entities or Individual Clients) to the Portal

For firms that are connected to the portal via HowNow On Premise or HowNow Online, clients should be be added directly into the portal - clients need to be added in HowNow to enable the connection with the portal. See the instructions for connecting clients to the portal here - HowNow On Premise or HowNow Online.

Adding clients to the Portal is the first step in utilising the functionality the Portal provides. You can create clients by selecting the Clients tab and clicking on the + New Client button.

All that is required to create the client is a name and a primary contact. 

Once the client is created, you can invite users (accounts) to give them access to the system or add an existing account to access files for this client. 

There are options to edit the client’s details or delete the client from the system, if you choose to delete a client a warning message will be displayed advising that all documents will be deleted.

Clients will not be deleted if there are Signing Tasks assigned to the Client. Check the client's Documents to see if there are outstanding Signing Tasks and remove these tasks before deleting the Client.

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