The navigation bar on the left side of the portal screen is used to easily access different areas of the system. It includes:

Dashboard - shows the recent activities on the portal 

Clients - provides a list of all clients including the main contact person. Selecting a client and clicking on one of the buttons allows specific action to be taken for that client - please note, where the portal is integrated with HowNow On Premise or HowNow Online, certain functions for clients will be disabled as these are actioned in HowNow.

Accounts - is a list of all users in the portal. Specific actions can be performed against accounts by selecting the account and pressing the appropriate button.

Reports - a variety of reports are available for the signed status on documents.

Announcements - these are messages that can be sent to all clients on the portal - items such as notifications, newsletters, etc can be pushed out to clients in this way.

Settings - this area allows access to manage employees, signing reminders, notifications, filters and branding. See Settings in Portal Admin for full details of modifying these settings.