The organisation tab displays the employees in the firm, showing their positions, who they report to, what their contact details are, what they look like (optional only!), as well as their primary and secondary procedures (i.e. procedures relating to each person’s main responsibilities). To display a person’s details, click on a person’s name in the organisation list.

The organisation pane has four different views, Organisation, Positions, Employees and Team. Organisation displays the organisation structure (as shown above), Position displays team members grouped by their position, Employees displays team members by name and Team displays team members by grouped by their team or teams. These views can be changed by right-clicking the organisation pane and choosing the required view from the drop-down menu.

You can also search for documents in the Organisation area, based on keywords, by typing into the search field. You do not need to press Enter. HowNow will automatically search after you stop typing.

The number of documents found is displayed in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen (e.g. “61 item(s) found”). You can scroll through the search results list using your mouse, the scroll bar on the right of the screen, or by using the up and down keys. The Status Bar will also show any news or review items that you have - click on these will take you to the appropriate list.

To open a document, press Enter when its row is highlighted, or double-click the row.

To clear a search results list, either press the Esc key or click the “x” button next to the search field.

By default, the items displayed in the search list are sorted in alphabetical order by the title. To sort by any other column, click the column title.

See In-Out Board for details on this area.