Generating Index

Please note that this feature only works from the 2017 Personal ITR starter file going forward.

A short video on this feature can be found here.

The generate index feature will generate a list of all available worksheets into the Index page on the starter file.

To use this feature, you will need to click on the "Workpapers" tab on the ribbon bar and click "Generate Index".

Once pressed, a confirmation box will pop up.  Click on "Yes".

The full list of workpapers available will be imported.  Its important to note that this does not download the actual worksheets, just the list.  You still need to click on the blue arrow in the links column to download the worksheets you require.

You will notice that once a worksheet has been downloaded the blue arrow in the links column changes, along with the formatting in the other columns.  In the example below, the only worksheet downloaded is A1 Matters for Partner.

You are able to then delete the worksheet from the index page that you do not require.

Please note that the "Generate Index" button is not designed to be used with the "Import Opening Balances" function.  If both functions are used, you could end up with multiple sheets on the index page.

If you receive an error when you try to generate the index, you may need to update your add-in to the latest version, or contact the appropriate person if you have a terminal server add-in.


You will notice that all worksheets now contain a referencing system in the name in front of it.  If you update the name on the index page, you will likely change the reference.  If you would like to keep the reference, please ensure it is added to the new title of the worksheet.  

Referencing can be added to any new worksheets or editing any of your firms worksheets on the smart workpapers website.

Additional information about adding customised worksheets can be found here.