How to use the FBT Smart Workpapers

Open the starter file and complete all of the details on the home page as per usual.

To get started on the FBT workpapers, you will need to add an employee.   This can be done under the "Employees" tab.

The index page replaces the employee index in the old version of the workpapers.  As such, type the name on the index where it currently says "Employee Summary".  Be sure to add all of the employees to this area.

Add the sheet for the benefit that you would like to add in the "Benefits" section.  You will be required to add one sheet per benefit per employee for most of the benefits, with the exception of Car Parking Fringe Benefits, Simplified Car FBT and Meal Entertainment Benefits.  For this example we will add a "Car Fringe Benefit" worksheet.

On the selected worksheet, you will be able to choose the employee from the list of employees on the index page.

Complete the worksheet, ensuring that all of the necessary labels have been completed to flow through to the summary.   You will then need to refresh the workbook for the information to flow through to the employee summary. This can be done on the top of the worksheet itself (including on the employee summary), or on the index page.  It is important to note that the information will only flow through once the workpaper has been refreshed.

The name on the Employee summary will automatically prefill from the index page.  All worksheets attached to this employee name will flow through to the Employee Summary.  You will see hyperlinks on both the Employee summary and the FBT summary to take you to the relevant worksheet. 

Lastly, the FBT summary will assist you in preparing the FBT return for the client.  Again, for all of the information to flow through correctly to this summary, you will need to refresh.

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