To create a new worksheet, we recommend starting with the Spare Worksheet - Blank.  This way you already have the template of the worksheet set up.  To customise one of the HowNow worksheets, download the relevant worksheet and make any customisation required.  See the article Formulas and Coded Actions for more information on making the customisation.

To add a new worksheet for your firm, go to the Templates section of the smart workpapers website, Select the product which you would like to add the worksheet to, and select "Create a New Template for this Product".  


Once you have clicked add, a pop up window will appear.


Complete the details for the template you would like to add. Note that the Product Section refers to the section on the index page that you would like your template to apply to (e.g. Job Management, Income Tax etc.).  The template name will be the name that appears on the index page, and the short name will be the name that appears on the tab.

Reference This reference will appear in the worksheet title and on the tab name.  If left blank, no reference will appear in the title or on the tab name.

Entity Types allows you to apply that particular worksheet to a certain entity type only.

The Commands box  allows users to change the name of a worksheet in the Index page and it will flow through to the corresponding cell in the actual worksheet. To do this on a template you have created, enter into the commands box "LinkWorksheetTitle".

Once you have completed the details, click on the Add Excel Template button. A pop up box will appear. You can either specify a date for which the workpaper will apply (note that the date you enter will be the date the workpaper is available from) or to apply across all periods. You can then either select the excel worksheet to drag and drop the excel worksheet you require into the box.