To customise a starter file, we recommend downloading the relevant HowNow Starter File from the website (or accessing it directly from HowNow on Premise or HowNow Online if you have a current Accountants Content subscription).

Make your customisations (e.g. add your logo, add additional sheets being used for every assignment, customise information on the Home Page). We recommend not saving too many worksheets in the starter file, as they will not receive any updates made to the worksheets once they have been saved in the customised starter file. As such, we generally recommend only adding worksheets from the job management section. See the article Formulas and Coded Actions for more information on making the customisations.

To add a new starter file for your firm, go to the Starters section and select "Add a New File".

Select the product which you would like to add a customised starter for and press Add to create the new file.



When you click add, a pop up window will appear. Enter the name of the starter file, and also the date. Note that the date you enter will be the date that the starter file is available from. You can then either select the excel worksheet or drag and drop the excel worksheet you require into the box.




You are able to customise as many starter files as you need, for instance, you could create different files for each entity type.