Import Opening Balances

Import Process

Where you have used Smart Workpapers in the prior year, you have the ability to "rollover" worksheets.  The worksheets used in the prior year will be added to the current year workpapers as part of the process. Where available, closing balances and lists from the prior year will be included in the current year workpapers. 

To use this function, click on the "Import Opening Balances" box in the top right hand side of the index page.

Once clicked, a box will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You will have the option to choose from a file that is already open (i.e. if you are rolling from 2018 to 2019 you can open the 2018 workpaper for that client to make it easier to find), or alternatively you can browse for the prior year workpaper file.  


Once you have selected the file, click 'proceed'.

A blue symbol will be displayed indicating that analysis of last year's workpaper is underway.

A listing of workpapers which will be insert and balanced copied over will be displayed.

To exclude a workpaper from the rollover function, click on the x button next to it. 


  • If a workpaper is a template worksheet; The latest version will be downloaded and last year's data will be rolled over. 
  • If a workpaper is a non-template worksheet; Last year's workpaper will be copied over in its entirety. 

To start the import process, select 'Insert'. The following progress bars will be displayed;

Once the import is complete, you will get a message letting you know it has been successful.

'Select Close'

Rollover Availability 

A full list of the workpapers which have the Rollover Opening Balances feature enabled is located here

Below is a list of the different types of worksheets that can be added to the index page and their expected behaviour when a file is rolled over.

Expected Result
Index Page
Smart Links2018Smart link will rollover
Hyperlinks2018Hyperlink will rollover
Comments2017Comment will rollover
Non-Template WorksheetYesWorksheet will rollover in its entirety
Smart Suit Template - Customised (uploaded to the cloud as a firm template)YesSearch for the most current firm version. Data will roll over if customised for the correct named ranges
Smart Suit Template - Modified (changed for one job)Yes
Search for the most current Smart Suit Template version (no changes customisations will be rolled over)
Smart Suit Templates - Standard
Spare Worksheets - Blank & ListNoRollover worksheet in entirety. However, points to the file location where prior year file is saved. Warning message will appear when file is subsequently opened. (Excel limitation)
Various Other Worksheets
Some data will roll over on selected worksheets, being increased yearly. The most up to date workpaper for the current year is searched for and imported. 

Each year more data is being added to the fields to be able to rollover.  If you wish to have additional fields considered, please email   

Alternatively, firm worksheets can be customised to roll over specific data. Help on using this function can be found in the Smart Workpaper Customisations User Guides.

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