Workpapers can be added and deleted via the index page.

Adding a Workpaper

Click on the"Insert" button to add workpaper.

You will be presented with a list of the options on the right side of your screen:

Adding a Workpaper Templateyou will be presented with a list of worksheets available for the section you are using – if you need a worksheet that is not in the list, or a blank worksheet, untick the “Filter By Section” option. Click the appropriate worksheet (a line will be added on the Index and the worksheet will be inserted).  The ability to search for a worksheet that you want to use is also in this area.



Adding a Hyperlink - you can add links to a document in a folder or a website – just remember when adding links to documents, if the workbook or the file is moved, then the links could be broken.

Adding a Link to a Sheet in this File - if you want to add another link to a sheet in this file, it can be done through this area – a row will be created on the Index page and a link added to enable you to click through to that sheet. This is only needed if another worksheet is copied into the workbook without using the HowNow functionality.

Adding a sheet from another file - this feature is particularly useful if you want to extract a sheet from a permanent file or another workbook to include in the workpapers. When you select this option, you will be given the opportunity to browse to a location to find the file and then select the sheet in the file you wish to add. A row will be added on the Index page and the sheet will be copied into the workbook.

Comment line - there may be occasions when you just want to add a row to make a note on the Index page. This option adds a row on the Index page, but does not have a link attached. It can also be used as a spacer, for instance to separate current and non-current assets.

Deleting a Worksheet

Any worksheet can be deleted – use cautiously as this option will delete the line on the Index page and the underlying sheet. This cannot be retrieved. To delete, click on the x on the line you wish to delete.