Adding, Deleting & Reordering Worksheets

Adding Workpapers 

Click on the "Insert" button to add workpaper.

Workpapers can be added and deleted via the index page and worksheets can only be inserted above other rows on the index page. 

If you would like one sheet to appear on the index page above another one, simply click on the blue insert button in the row next to the sheet you would like it inserted above.

Note: That once a workpaper has been inserted on the index it cannot be moved, however other items can be inserted above it.  

Click on the "Insert" button to add workpaper.

You will be presented with a list of the options on the right-hand side of the screen; Choose the relevant option.

(Further information on the different types is available later in this section.)

As shown below, the new workpaper was inserted above the 'G05 Borrowing Costs' workpaper, but before the 'F10 Bank' workpaper

Adding a Workpaper Template  

Select 'Workpaper Template' - A list of worksheets available for the section you are using will be displayed. Click the appropriate worksheet (a line will be added on the Index and the worksheet will be inserted).  The ability to search for a worksheet that you want to use is also in this area.


  • If you need a worksheet that is not in the list, or a blank worksheet, untick the “Filter By Section” option.  
  • The workpaper section is set when uploading a new template to the Smart Workpapers Website. For more detailed information see the  Uploading a Customised Worksheet User Guide  

Adding a Hyperlink 

Select Add Hyperlink and the standard office Hyperlink form will appear. Complete the form as normal and select 'OK' and Hyperlink a will be added as a new row on the Index   

Note: Links can be created to a document in a folder or a website – just remember when adding links to documents, if the workbook or the file is moved, then the links could be broken.

Adding a HowNow Smart Link

To add a HowNow Smart Link first retrieve the smart link from HowNow by right clicking on the document in HowNow and select 'copy to clipboard as'>'HowNow Smart Link'. 

Select HowNow Smart Link from the 'Insert workpaper options' - This step will automatically insert your clipboard data into the text box. If you wish to change it delete the text and re-paste the HowNow Smart Link. 

Select 'OK' and the HowNow Smart Link will be added as a new row on the Index   

Adding a link to an existing sheet in the Workbook

Select Link to Existing Worksheet - A list of existing worksheets in the workbook will be displayed. Click the appropriate worksheet (a line will be added on the Index and the link to the existing worksheet will be inserted).

Note: It is recommended that this is only done if another worksheet is copied into the workbook without using the HowNow functionality.

Adding a Sheet from Another File

This feature is particularly useful if you want to extract a sheet from a permanent file or another workbook to include in the current workpaper. 

Select 'Copy worksheet from another file' option, A windows browser will open, browse to the excel file location, select the file. A list of worksheets in the selected file will be displayed. Click the appropriate worksheet (a line will be added on the Index and the worksheet will be copied and inserted).       

Comment Line

By selecting 'Comment" a new row is added on the Index page, but it does not have a link attached. 

This is useful when;

  • There is a need to add a row to make a note on the Index page without an underlying worksheet 
  • It can also be used as a spacer (i.e. to separate current and non-current assets)

Deleting a Workpaper or Index Line Item

If a workpaper is deleted it cannot be retrieved

Any worksheet can be deleted – use cautiously as this option will delete the line on the Index page and the underlying sheet. To delete, click on the x on the line you wish to delete.


Order of worksheets

The order that worksheets appear in along the tabs at the bottom of the workbook can be rearranged.  

To do this, simply left-click & drag the tab left or right along the bottom to where you would like it to be placed.

Important Note: Do not change the name of the tabs as this can affect the background formulas.



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