Connected workpapers give you the option to import the trial balance for the client from the cloud based software they are using (ie  MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks) or from excel.  For the import of an excel trial balance, please see the article on Connected Workpapers - Excel.

Connected Workpapers use the same workpapers and have all of the functionality of the Smart Workpapers, with some additional features.  See the features of Smart Workpapers here. Additional features for connected workpapers are listed below.


You can access the Connected Workpapers by logging into to the How Now Smart Workpapers Website.    When you choose your workpaper type, choose connected workpapers and download the starter file for the  year you are working on.

Alternatively, for connections to cloud based software, you can click the "Connections" button on the left hand side of the page.  

Choose the type of file that you would like to connect and create a new workpaper.  The view usage button will show you which files you have connected. 

Connect File

To connect the file, click the "Connect" button on the Home Page.  

Once clicked, a box will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Choose which type of connection you would like to make (Please note that the Class connection skips this step).
Note: Only the Products available to your account will appear.

Choose the type of file, a list will appear with all your available client files.  Enter in the dates, username and password.  You can choose to show comparatives and also to show a variance.  Select your file and click 'connect'.

When connecting all of the entity details will pre-fill.  Other tabs on the home page will still need to be completed.  See the "User Guide" for help on completing these items.


Once a file has been connected, the index page will show the trial balance of that entity.

Workpapers are added in the same way as How Now Smart Workpapers.

General Ledger

You are able to see the transactions in the general ledger by right clicking on the account balance, and selecting "View General Ledger".  A pop up window will appear,

You can refresh this list, and also copy it to excel by using the buttons on the top right corner.

Workpapers Tab on Excel Ribbon

The workpapers tab on the excel ribbon looks similar to the How Now Smart Workpapers (covered in the User Guide), however with some additional sections.  In the Integration section you can refresh your trial balance, and also connect a file. You can also access the add Reconciliation field button.

Refresh Trial Balance

On the Workpapers tab on the excel ribbon, there is a Refresh Trial Balance button.  If any changes have been made to the source file, this button will update the trial balance to the most recent figures.

Add Reconciliation Field

To add a reconciliation field, go to the workpapers tab while on the workpaper you want to add a reconciliation field to.  Select the cell that you wish to reconcile, and click on the "Add Reconciliation Field" button.  

A pop up box will appear.  Enter a name for this reconciliation field.  

Go back to the index, and on the line for that workpaper, click in the "Reconcile To" column.  A drop down box will appear.  Select the reconciliation field created for this worksheet.

If the amount reconciles, the link will turn green.  If it does not reconcile the link will turn red.

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