Share Point Compatibility


What is SharePoint? – SharePoint is a web product from Microsoft which is used in the Companies to manage their data which is in the form of documents, emails, contacts, etc. It is a repository for all users in the Enterprise to retrieve required information they need.


Can How Now integrate with SharePoint?

HowNow can’t integrate to SharePoint and it is not currently something on our development plans due to the changes that would be required to HowNow to support SharePoint.


Do you believe SharePoint is not required with a How Now user?  If so why?

If you are looking to use SharePoint as a Document Management System we don’t believe it is needed for HowNow users as we are working to integrate some of the features that SharePoint has into HowNow. 

HowNow 4.1 (in Extended Beta testing) has a new server process that allows you to access files like SharePoint and with the HowNow Web App you can access files via the internet. 

Over time we’re also hoping to add some of the Co-Authoring and deep Office integration SharePoint has into HowNow as well (such as moving between versions of a Record from within Word or Excel).


Are the two products in some way complimentary? Or do they have different functions?

SharePoint does have a lot of functionality other than it’s Document Libraries (the Document Management side of it) and is rapidly changeable via 3rd Party Extensions that can make it very useful in a number of scenarios, for items such as online forms, websites etc and some of that functionality might be useful to you.


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