What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a collection of Microsoft programs and services for sending email, storing documents, and collaborating online. Office 365 is subscription-based, pay as you go software.

Microsoft offers Desktop (the application is loaded on your local PC) and Cloud solutions (loaded on external storage 'In the Cloud'). It is a requirement for the connection between HowNow and Office applications that the Desktop version of Office 365 is installed locally. This enables the Email Manager and Office add-ins to function correctly.

Current Microsoft Offerings:

HowNow Office 365 Service Incompatible

These are Cloud services and cannot be installed locally which means they are not compatible with the HowNow Add-ins.


These are Desktop applications and are compatible with HowNow.


These are Desktop applications and Cloud services. HowNow is compatible with this option because Outlook and the Office applications are still able to be installed locally.

MS Exchange can be cloud based provided the user's Outlook is installed locally