Signing documents - Group Docs - SecureSign

The Portal enables the electronic signing of documents, either for a single person or for multiple signatories. 


If your accountant has uploaded a document for you to sign, you will see the words ClickToSign or SecureSign appear in the task column next to the document name. The options differ a little as follows.

  • Click to Sign - this option means that you sign and accept the whole document in one place, there are no signatures throughout the document
  • SecureSign - with this option you add your signature and, optionally, date and text fields throughout the document in the desired location. 


When your accountant has set-up a document for SecureSign, you will receive an email with a link to the document and a pin code.

Email with Pin Code

Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the portal to sign in and access the document. Once in the portal, select the document and select the Sign button and enter the pin code you received. 

Entering your Pin Code

In the document locate and click on the signature panel and type in your name (you can change the type of signature and colour, or draw or upload an image of your signature). Once all the signatures are in place click, confirm signature (at the bottom of the document), ensure the prefilled details are correct and press Continue. Confirm you wish to sign, by clicking Yes. Once the document has been signed, signature details will be added to the document.

Document Signature Panel

Document Signing Details

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