The Documents page is home to all documents in the system relative to your firm. Employees who have access to the Portal, can view all documents in the system on a per client basis.

Navigating to the Clients tab, selecting the appropriate client and clicking View Documents will display the documents page, populated with all the documents for the selected client, as well as the filter structure.

There are a number of actions available from the Documents page - 

  • Filters - you can create a filter, rename a filter or delete a filter - this only changes the filter structure for the selected client. Note, only filters created for the selected client can be deleted, filters created at the firm level cannot be deleted from this menu - see Filters for more information on working with filters.
  • Upload - upload documents for the selected clients - see Uploading Documents to the Portal for more information on this function.
  • Download - download the selected document or multiple documents - see Download Documents from the Portal for more information on this function.
  • Preview - enables preview of the selected document - there are restrictions on the type of documents that can be previewed - see Preview Documents for more information on this function.
  • Tasks - allows you to add a signing task, remove a signing task or resend a notification - see Document Signing Overview for more information on this function.
  • Sign - when the Sign button is available the document is waiting to be signed by the user.
  • History - provides an audit trail of the selected document - see Document History and Deletion for more information on this function.
  • Delete - allows documents to be deleted from the portal - see Document History and Deletion for more information on this function.
  • Copy link - allows the document to be copied to the clipboard and used as as a Smartlink - see Linking to Documents using Smartlinks

Columns are sortable by clicking on the headings.

Task column - shows if there is a task assigned to the document and the status of the task if it is partially signed.

Notifications column - this column signifies if the Client is receiving notifications for this document. Notifications can only be turned off per document when Portal is connected to HowNow 5 Document Management software.

Document filters can narrow the number of documents shown - click on the appropriate filter to see only those documents for that filter.

The Search box can be used to locate documents based on title, date, user and description. 

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